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Guilded Dreams -- Donna Russoo Morin

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To Server A King

The Secret of Glass

The Courtier's Secret


NEBA Awardee

To the casual observer, Battista della Palla is an avid art collector, or perhaps a nimble thief. In reality, the cunning Italian is an agent for François, the King of France, for whom he procures the greatest masterpieces of the day by any means necessary. Embroiled in a power struggle with Charles V, the King of Spain, François resolves to rule Europe’s burgeoning cultural world. When he sets his sights on a mysterious sculpture, Battista’s search for the elusive objet d’art leads him to a captivating woman on a mission of her own…

Having spent her life under the controlling eye of her protector, the Marquess of Mantua, Aurelia longs for freedom. And she finds it in Battista. Together, they embark on a journey to find the clues that will lead him to the sculpture—a venture so perilous it might have spilled from the pen of Dante himself. From the smoldering depths of Rome to a castle in the sky, the harrowing quest draws them inextricably together. But Aurelia guards a dark secret that could tear them apart—and chance the course of history…


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“Russo Morin is fast becoming one of the major players in writing historical fiction…she could very well become the next “Queen” of the genre!”
-Kwips and Kritiques

Recipient of a Publishers Weekly Starred Review!
“Russo Morin (To Serve a King) skillfully blends historical fiction and fantasy in surprising ways. She draws effortlessly upon influences ranging from Dante to Raiders of the Lost Ark, and the authority of her presentation makes the world she’s created come alive. A wonderfully action-packed ride through the lush landscape of Renaissance Italy.”

"Blending fact and fantasy, this fast-paced novel–can only be described as an articulate historical adventure... a fantastically written story with beautiful and eloquent prose." Historical-Fiction 

"A rich background, historical characters that come alive and a gripping puzzle to solve, result in an unforgettable read. Award winning author Donna Russo Morin is a star among historical fiction writers." Single Title Reviews
"Russo Morin is a great storyteller who puts such detail, power, emotion, and beauty into her words...this novel is an action-packed and thrilling look into Renaissance Italy." Examiner
"Filled with brilliant descriptions and dazzling details...a novel to savor and enjoy the richness that leaps off every page. Highly recommended!" History and Women

"A true gem...mixes heavy doses of mysticism, adventure and romance...the writing is beautiful!" Luxury Reading

"Morin cements her place as a bright voice in historical fiction by breathing life and color into history with her lush prose and imaginative storytelling. Her latest gifts readers with a hero and heroine who engage reader interest. Then she adds a treasure hunt, wild adventures, historical personages (Dante and Michelangelo) and a touch of the paranormal to keep you engrossed." RT Book Reviews 
"A cross between The Da Vinci Code and Indiana Jones with endearing characters...with everything from adventure to romance...very entertaining...and epic adventure...a joy to read!" To Read or Not To Read

"Ms. Russo Morin develops a cast of remarkable characters drawing from both the historical and the fictional to create a world that might have been. The writing evokes atmosphere so very well at times I almost thought I could smell and taste the food being served. Florence is a city of sights and smells that can almost overwhelm but Ms. Morin tames it without tempering it. This is a book I will keep for another reading as it is full of so much that I love; art, Florence, Michelangelo, love." Broken Teepee   

"A great read for any historical fiction fan...Russo Morin does a wonderful job..." The Book Garden


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The Courtier's Secret

Kensington Books; Kensington Pub.
ISBN-10: 0-7582-
ISBN-13: 978-0-7582-4682-0
432 pages

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