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Birth -- Donna Russo Morin

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The Competition -- Donna Russo Morin

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The King's Agent -- Donna Russo Morin

To Server A King

The Secret of Glass

The Courtier's Secret

Editorial Services Donna Russo Morin

Finished a Book? Take it from finished to published.
Together we can make your good work great!


"I entrusted my manuscript to Donna for editing and polishing. She worked quickly and expertly. Her revisions taught me more about writing  than the lifetime of writing teachers and coaches from whom I previously sought help. She is brilliant and a truly gifted editor and teacher. I cannot recommend her enough. Run to her for help with your manuscript. Her guidance is worth ten fold the price of gold."
            -Joseph Cantu, author of Sounds of Destruction


It's next to impossible to edit one's own writing (or typing, for that matter) with an objective eye.  Familiarity breeds errors.  As a twenty-five year writing professional, I offer expert editing, copy-editing, and proofreading services.  I am an internationally published author of fiction and nonfiction with a BA in Communications and certification from the National Writer's School.  I have many years of experience as an editor for both print and Internet magazines and I teach writing at my state's most prestigious adult learning center. 

My editing expertise lies in all areas: spelling, punctuation, spacing, sentence variety, subject verb agreement, dashes vs. hyphens, bullet points,  jargon, syntax, confusing phrases or modifiers; chapter headings consistency; presentation of numbers, quotes, images, links, margins, headings; consistency of capitalization, abbreviations, font, names, locations, character names, logic or paragraph sequence; uniformity in presentation style/author’s voice.

It is my sincere goal to try to teach authors where their weak points are and give suggestions on how to correct them, empowering them with evolved writing skills; to not only improve their book, but improve their craft overall.

Now offering a full range of Author Consultant and Editing Services via individualized programs.

The Menu:

Story Consultation and Assistance:

Does your book have a fully germinated story?

If not, I can help.

Outline Formulation and Finalization: Assisting you to create

a scene by scene, or chapter by chapter outline.

Advanced Editing-with below, extensive rewriting and reworking of text for readability and style. In

addition, I provide an in-depth analysis of the work overall, making suggestions on the plot arc,

character development, and much more. 

Basic Copyediting-with below, word choice, clarity, phrasing, grammar and syntax.

Express Proofreading-spelling, typing, punctuation and basic grammar.

Query Letter-formulated to suit your book's specific genre

Mix and match to suit your professional needs. Hourly rates start as low as $15.00. All levels of

service, including individualized packages, required a deposit based on the agreed to hourly rate. 

A good book needs a good edit: nothing screams ‘amateur’ louder than a glaring spelling mistake or improper punctuation.

There is no price on dreams!
Contact Donna to discuss your dream project

Additional testimonials:

"I recommend working with an editor who is also a successful author. Donna Russo Morin is such an editor. She fully understands the nuances of both writing and the publishing process. That perfect combination makes her an excellent resource, one I used when I published my own first book. I can recommend her with solid confidence."
            i Michael Grossman, author and self-publishing consultant

"Donna Russo Morin is the first professional editor I ever worked with. She edited my first completed manuscript. She was referred to me by a friend and I'm so glad I followed up. Her sensitive treatment of my manuscript made it easy to entrust my 'baby' to her. Not only was she thorough and professional, but I also found her to be personable which made the experience even better for me. I will definitely be calling on her again!"
            Isunji, author of A New Creation

“Donna Russo Morin is a superb editor. If you are looking for an editor who will be candid, yet supportive, look no further! Donna's suggestions regarding story, character, scene and marketability were spot on. Not only did I benefit greatly from her feedback and editing, but I have since referred many happy clients to her.”
            Lisa Tener, Awarded “Mentor/Coach of the Year – 2014” by the Stevie Awards for Women in Business

*A page is defined as standard manuscript size, using double-spaced lines (cost for single-spaced material is one and a half times the listed rates).